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September 22, 2009



Hi Susan!

I'm so glad you were able to get some photos of the evening! It's so much fun looking at the photos and remembering all those wonderful goodies.

It's a good thing I didn't spy those cupcakes early in the evening - I would have hung around and shopped more, so that I could have one. Those look so yummy!

What's your next event coming up? I just know you have something lined up! :)


Ah man, look at all the creative and breath taking fun happening in that room and instead of being there I was referring fights as the room for the wedding reception was being attempted to be transformed. The bride does not really how much she truly owes me...because I missed this event and most importantly seeing you!

Thank you for sharing, helps me feel like I didn't have to totally miss out.

Kim Caldwell

It is always so wonderful getting to play with you Susan. I am hoping that Fall brings some new sunshine to your life. I know we have many fun things to look forward to. MUST upload some of your pictures from the Flickr group ~ they are fab!!

Hugs, Kim

Susan Shintaku

Hi Sally!

I know wasn't it hard not to buy everything in sight? Oh to only have an
endless supply of money - hee hee.
I just got back from Inspiration Unlimited...hope to post on that soon and
to finish posting about Kim's fab event. Need more hours in a day, hee hee


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