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February 09, 2010



Oh so sweet your baby peanut. You know D.O.G was a veggie boy too I found out by accident he liked canned green beans funny boy I miss so. But now he has a new friend to play with your peanut.


Shelby loves her veggies. It is so funny. I know how you must miss your little peanut. Everytime I see a peanut baby i think of her and you. But she is up there having the time of her life, playing with all puppies. I know my Sabrina (my chow) and Chelsea (my lhasa) have taken her under their wings and have made her feel at home. Hugs!


Hi Susan!
I'm so sorry I missed this post. What a precious memory of Peanut! How did you discover she was a cabbage lover? My dog loves veggies but I haven't tried her on cabbage.
Sending you lots of hugs,


Just popped over to visit and see what's going on. So sorry about your Peanut. It's amazing how deep the love for our furry companions can be. Thinking of you, Susan.


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